The Black & White Challenge // Photshop Actions

The Black & White Challenge // Photshop Actions

There is a challenge going around Facebook right now and almost every photographer that I know seems to be taking part. I have no idea who started it but it's simple.. just post five B&W images over five days nominating someone else each day to do the same. No other goal apart from making us look back at our body of work and isolate some images to show moments in monotone. I've really enjoyed pulling these images out and although my editing style and shooting style are ever evolving things, I'm glad to say that I think the images are still looking good....

This is Silverback which I think I used for nearly all my B&Ws in 2012. I've played Highlight Rescue first, then merged layers, then Convert to B&W (both of these actions are added bonuses to our sets), then merged again and played Silverback and pulled the opacity down to 80%.

Hengrave-Hall_Wedding 042

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