Here you can see examples of all our sets. All of the actions can be bought individually or if you invest in one of the collections, you get a juicy discount plus some rather handy little extras. We have thrown in a Try All option so you can preview all the actions on an image, the ever useful Highlight Rescue plus a convert to B&W. This let’s you then change the opacity of any B&W action without bringing any colour back. Want more? How about an added grain or added haze layer to really boost all the possible options within any one set. Yes, we really do spoil you…

The Cake Collection

You have been asking us for more Lightroom Presets and so we have been working hard on this new collection. Developed specifically with the UK in mind, they work well with British skies and our greens. They keep the highlights and look terrific on wedding, food, landscape, portrait and babies or kids. They are so yummy in fact that we named them all after cakes.

The Ice Cream Collection

Well who doesn’t like ice cream? We return to a food theme for our newest collection of Photoshop Actions. But this is no visit to Mr Whippy. We are talking artisan flavours, rich deep flavours that surprise and intrigue you. This set is whimsical but gritty and we are totally in love with the contrast and hues that these actions create. Looking for a new inspiring B&W? We think you will fall big time for Black Cherry. Our most delicious set yet….

The London Collection

With all the sets, we always play with haze, grain and film effects so The London Collection really focused in on getting that film look to digital images. The contrast, tones and grain are explored here, as is warmth, coolness and depth. The results are rich, image enhancing and a great look if like us, you like things romantic and not overly digital looking.

The Hollywood Collection

We went out West to Los Angeles and then drove the back roads to Las Vegas. We took inspiration from Californian light, long stretches of dusty desert roads, the lights of Vegas and David Lynch movies. The Hollywood Collection is all about celluloid, neon boneyards and Nevada ghost towns.      

The Biscuit Collection

After our US adventures, being back in the office seemed a little dull in comparison and so a conversation over whether Garibaldi was a real biscuit or not sparked the beginning of the next set. (true story) So in the interests of research, we stocked up and munched our way through some ginger snaps, custard creams and oreos as we worked on what soon became known as The Biscuit Collection. Think yummy, comforting old favourites and tea in a china cup. And yes Garibaldi is in there!

The Creamy Collection

Think of roasting marshmallows by a fire, sipping hot chocolate from your favourite mug on a winter day with big thick wooly socks on and you will know where we started out with The Creamy Collection. These are all inspired by our love of creamy warm skin tones and crisp colours that enhance beauty. Try adding Mint Julep at 60% opacity and you will see what we mean. Wanna tweak your B&Ws? Well we have thrown in a convert to black & white action that allows you to then play with the opacity of any B&W action too.

The Vintage Collection

For this collection, we were inspired by faded old holiday photos and your parents’ wedding album, The Vintage Collection is actually two full sets in one. It is jam packed full of gorgeous little gems like English Rose and Purple Haze. Try them with reduced opacity for subtlety and like all the sets, we have added in a couple juicy little extras Highlight Rescue plus a Try All option.